PS4 in the world, led by Tank

Upon completion of an initial run on Xbox 360 and Xbox, war games have been in the world of tanks to PS4 will look. Released today by the press conference, the rich will be free-to-play games all PS4 users do not need an active PS + subscription to play. It will also take advantage of the unique features of PS4, the “merger speaker light bar and controller functions, and support for the trackpad.” Share Vita remote play and play will also be supported.

Among Golden’s other projects are over a dozen Star Trek novels and the well- received StarCraft Dark Templar trilogy, Firstborn, Shadow Hunters, and the forthcoming Twilight. An avid player of Blizzard’s MMORPG World of Warcraft, Golden has written several novels in that world (Lord of the Clans, Rise of the Horde) with three more in the works. She has also written two Warcraft manga stories for Tokyopop, “I Got What Yule Need” and “A Warrior Made.”

Players want to know why they should jump to the PS4 will be pleased to learn that all the PS4 players will have exclusive access to two new maps for a limited time. Those with a positive PS + subscription will receive free premium channel, unique camouflage the tank for three days premium account status and discounts micro-transactions. Unfortunately, this version will not play with any other version of cross-platform.

You can read more information on the official site. I do not know if the world warplanes and warships in the world will get the same treatment console.

Seatribe justice to charity and fireplace haven loophole abusers

Log in to find some shocking in New Haven and fireplaces Forum players and watchers yesterday. Developers Jorb posted an abbreviated version of what like trial. A village discovered how to exploit a bug in the game to get the walls. Then, they take advantage of this loophole to raze two villages.largely decide to give themselves over to corruption in World of Warcraft: Rise of the Horde by Christie Golden.Anduin Lothar is forced to kill one of his oldest friends in Warcraft: The Last Guardian by Jeff Grubb. Lothar goes on to pit himself against Orgrim Doomhammer in World of Warcraft: Tides of Darkness by Aaron Rosenberg.Terenas, Uther the Lightbringer, and the Alliance of Lordaeron manage to drive back the.

As penance, that is, players who abuse the bug had their villages “selective nuclear explosion” and their role is deleted. Who had their villages were razed to the ground of the players in a free one-month subscription form has been compensated. Who reported the error, headshot players, was given the “development cloak,” as well.

So, what is this vulnerability? Mentioned patch a small part in the proceedings of the court below described, because it yes, yes One caveat is that they “can be fixed to the wall with a chair jumped error.” The next time you ask why you can not sit in a chair in a game, just remember that the chair a few other players that might be used to get somewhere, they should not.

PS3 Soul Calibur: LOST SWORDS closed November

You play Bandai Namco’s free-to-play Soul Calibur: The Lost Sword in PlayStation3? If you do not, then you’d better jump back, you can shut down for two months because of Bandai’s game, and research.

According to the website Lost Sword (translation and polygon description), the game will stop at some of the items sold on September 30, stop selling all items Oct. 27 and away better than November 30 obviously, this is only ever be a single-player game, pitting the player against CPU controlled opponents, which for a fighting game, so I think: “Huh?”

But hey, at least it has a sweet melancholy farewell video to go with the announcement. It looks like the game is downloaded since the launch in 2014 of more than 2 million times. Your guess is as good as the rest of what numbers mean.

UP mop: BLIZZARD belong to a museum!

Moving together in the MMO industry in speed of information, sometimes we are here in large scale so many messages uniforms, some backlog submerged. That is why there are the raids: that you will not want to miss a small network game story and video weekly compilation. See any good MMO news? Beat us, through our tips line!

Even for a fool, Patchface was a sorry thing. Perhaps once he could evoke gales of laughter with a quip, but the sea had taken that power from him, along with half his wits and all his memory. He was soft and obese, subject to twitches and trembles, incoherent as often as not. The girl was the only one who laughed at him now, the only one who cared if he lived or died.

This week, we’ll look at the incredible account of a player who has donated hundreds of Blizzard souvenir items to the museum, marvel at the castle under siege in ArchLord 2 SWTOR give you expand, the more is the rise!

2 ArchLord: Siege patch season came last week with the new castle siege mode. Players can also take advantage of free-hop, until September 15 to enhance their role immediately from 20 to 54 a click of a button. [Patch Notes]
AD2460: patch plus the space station yesterday, three new frigates, and a user interface overhaul. [Patch notice]
Guns of Icarus: Alliance prototype model came out this past Friday.
The Secret World: Update 1.12.1 changes in a few new suppliers, should make life easier stuff. [Patch notes, thanks for the tips Nordavind it! ʱ??
Dark Age of Camelot: exciting things are in the pipeline DAOC, as the game Agramon area is renamed, the new terrain texture being installed, and Otherworlds campain Chapter V is expected to launch on September 8. [Communication]
RUNESCAPE: There are many things to do this month RUNESCAPE, which includes Castle Drakan, fishing contest, Clan Cup 2015 began a new exploration, and on September 25 double XP weekend.

Odds and ends
Star Wars: The Old Republic: Here’s a useful little PSA for those in the next month to proceed with the expansion: the developer confirmed the story and planets arc class remains unchanged for those who play to the content through a 60.
Wild Planet: Speaking of public service ads, blog Moonlight Mansion noted WildStar will be erased any characters remain in the arkship tutorial F2P hit, so let them off still risking destruction!
Diablo III: With the front of the fourth quarter, Blizzard developers who took some time to answer a bunch of questions from the community on Reddit.
Ur children to inherit the spirit behind this glitch scene, see what kind of team the use of tools to make the game.
The Elder Scrolls Online: take advice from a humanoid cat Enjoy the lighter side of the game. Or not. We are not here to tell you how to live your life.
Survey analysis found that the big players, and women “male and female players of the same gender stereotype,” by design, fantasy, stories, and complete the drive, while men focused on the competition, challenge, excitement and strategy. [Thanks for the tip Dengar! ʱ??
Blizzard Entertainment SAS former COO Paul Sams donated his personal collection of projects 1500 Blizzard played a strong powerful National Museum. “This series has a very valuable place in my heart, I want to ensure that these materials will be properly preserved for decades,” he said.

I think back to the early World of Warcraft

Yes, I went back to wow. I spend several hours just for the past four days, have to say, I began to really, really like leveling experience in warlord Delano. In fact, that I regret not from the start. Technology never give me busy wedding, and so on, but it is certainly “ah I missed the heyday of pain.”
This article is to simply go for my experience, so far, in my experience, so far, can even get a little bit of your feedback and help some of the problems, in order to provide a place.
I decided to roll a hunter. I plan to put him into a melee hunter, when the army fired. I like a hunter because I play a I mainly through the change from the wrath of the Lich King vanilla. In particular the pet’s advice?
I love is the key knowledge and stories. From the beginning, we have a really big game player, Durotan and Khadka. So early RTS legend was thrown at me. However, I am a little confused. So, uh, where is he from? He is not in Outland in Shattrath? Why does he have atiesh, the guardian of the greatstaff?! Shi Bushi employees there?
“Indeed you may,” Cressen answered. As if he would ever deny her. She had been denied too often in her time. Her name was Shireen. She would be ten on her next name day, and she was the saddest child that Maester Cressen had ever known. Her sadness is my shame, the old man thought, another mark of my failure. “Maester Pylos, do me a kindness and bring the bird down from the rookery for the Lady Shireen.”
There is a useful function, place, promotion and job is a welcome change of scenery
The garrison system is great. I want to add is called “the last home”, is certainly a very need to change places, everyone running around in a city. The hypocrisy of social contact Moshou Shijie. We never chat there. It is the best, it is checked and painful gear envy. There is a practical and useful place, produce project, income, and do a log Shi Bushi as daily tasks – welcome.
The region itself seems more than a typical wow. A very dull legend and the atmosphere is relatively. I really feel that the “world of Warcraft” here.
In cream ridge fire task very well. I love that movie and led me through the story. In a story in the main map of the index, it is good to have a look, how should I through the development zone. So far, the story has put all my outpost, I feel like I’m in cream ridge fire story brought me to the next area time to complete all.
when the spoilers ahead of ga’arn told his brother to their tribal chiefs and Durotan eyes…… Then ga’arn sacrificed himself shouting “Lok’tar!! “I have the best goosebumps nerd, in an emotional edge. Oh…… Start again…… Feel good, continue to.
The task itself is not bad. Yes, this is an old thing, but when you go to the other game, do their job, you come back oh it’s like a warm chocolate chip cookies to give you a hug. As for the theme park, oh king, no one should try to.
Wow, a rare mob spawning
“Rare treasure hunting and gathering mob” add to the fun
I absolutely love to add a map of treasures and rare monsters / items. I like to explore elements, even if I deceive the user interface model, shows everything in me. As far as I am concerned, see these rare map is driving me out of my comfort zone. I also like how they need a little bit of effort and acrobatics.
Really cool, I just found out that stochastic gear upgrades. I got a reward, I swear from green to epic. I now have 5, than the epic quest rewards will be the better way. Such a task model and dynamic elements are very old.
Now I’m into second areas: gorgrond. I set up outposts, is also a “cool, it is clean,” moment. Those moments will allow me to continue to engage in, and I hope to continue to login on the level.


My initial reaction to a GW2 expansion was one of positive surprise. This is going to be a slow year for MMOs, so it’s nice to have something to follow and look forward to. Of course I have no experience as far as Guild Wars expansions go, so I read the announcement details with some interest.

Turns out, the things that I would naturally look for in an expansion aren’t featured in HoT: there’s no new big world, level cap raise, new race or player housing. Instead, the horizontal progression which has proven to be no less grindy in GW2, continues with sub-professions and more gear. There’s a new class, guild halls and erm, hang gliders. That last one scared me right away.

And then there’s the much inquired mastery system which I didn’t really understand until I read this article about how “GW2’s Mastery System could change MMOs Forever“. Now it wouldn’t be ArenaNet if they didn’t aim for some type of innovation and am certainly not opposed to that, but after reading several times over how the progression approach for Maguma Juungle is basically an MMO spin off Zelda or Metroid, I cringed a little. The map is designed to be vertical, with different levels your character can only access by unlocking certain skills and well, gimmicks really. It sounds like the Bazaar of the Four Winds on steroids.

And hey, skill-based progression is great and all but in the end it’s just another word for grind of a different kind. MMOs that want to be successful, unless they’re called Wildstar, don’t alienate their player base by making things too hard and random for you not to learn by heart, via trial and error. All the while I am with Bhagpuss here in wondering: what is there in HoT for explorers and potterers like us? Where is the whole new world, the carefree straying off the path to end up in a random event or epic dragon encounter?


Tamrielo from Aggrochat has recently been looking at storytelling in FFXIV in his two-part post, where he’s analyzing the different content seasons and story archs in the game, how they have improved over time and immersed him as a player. If you’ve been playing a Realm Reborn for any decent amount of time since FFXIV’s relaunch, you know that there’s no way around the main storyline in Eorzea. In fact, there is probably no MMO out there right now that is more dedicated to its storytelling than this one. The narrative is front and center and accomplishes the remarkable feat of including its audience. After Yoshida took over the reigns for ARR, the player character was brought back into the narrative fold.

Naturally, many MMOs turn the player into a nearly omnipotent hero of the story and much has been criticized in regards to that particular trope. However, FFXIV does it in such an unconditional, dedicated and traditional way, that it’s kind of a big deal. Telling stories has always been the forte of the FF franchise and finally, there is a classic MMORPG that not only manages to rise from the ashes but combine the linearity of JRPG storytelling with an MMO environment. As much as I tried to care about the politics of Azeroth or Tyria in the past, no other MMO has managed to include me, make me care about NPCs and the greater course of events, the way FFXIV has done.

Ever since the early beginnings of the FF franchise, Squaresoft’s much beloved JRPG titles followed a very clear and narrow path: the player gets to control a powerful hero, more often than not a person of unknown origins or obscure past. The hero is not the player, since the player has no real agency over the character’s story and there are next to no choices. An equally important ingredient to this formula is “the party” which is one of the most central aspects of all FF games; your very own gang of specialists, distinctly defined by their class and different abilities that will mostly align with a holy trinity concept, despite the fact that FF is all about round-based combat. Down the line, you and your gang will probably find out that you are all related or were raised in the same orphanage. You are never truly alone in a FF game.

Add to this very straightforward setup a linear storyline with next to no branching; the point is not to write your own story or find your own path but rather, to immerse yourself in a tale told by an invisible puppet master. The tool you’re given to accomplish your goals is a customizable, complex round-based combat system with random encounters. Your driving force is a world struck by tragedy or impending doom that only you and your A-Team can save (most likely by help of some sparkly crystal or other). Along the way, you will face one or two ambivalent villain figures as well as lots of wacky side-kick characters.

Now imagine all of this being crafted with an outstanding sense of aesthetics on a graphical and musical level, and the result will always be the same: your next FF title. In the past, Squaresoft have consistently pushed narrative RPG standards for at least 15 years, during a most pivotal time for gaming and not just with the FF franchise either. A Realm Reborn, although set in an online world where choices and interactions with other players are possible, follows most of this old textbook to a fault.

A great many heroic tale comes with a doomsday prophecy: it will be the end of the world as you know it, or alternatively the end of the world full stop, unless significant obstacles are overcome and evil is vanquished. While this can be a tiring setup in RPGs and MMOs, it is still popular enough in getting audiences engaged. I don’t really mind this trope personally, what I really care about is execution. Am I presented with an uninspiring tale of clear good vs. evil or a much more complicated world where loyalties and intentions change constantly?

Squaresoft JRPGs have often introduced such nuances, despite their linear plot. Over the course of a playthrough, you’d learn about the background stories of your adversaries. You would have to rely on characters of questionable allegiance, you’d see mercenaries turn altruistic or allies turn traitor. Faced with warring factions unwilling to unite for a greater cause, you’d find yourself drowning in petty schemes and side-politics. Even villains may be worth saving in the end.

MMORPGs have a hard time delivering such complexities, given that they try to achieve a certain degree of open world freedom and accommodate various playstyles. A Realm Reborn doesn’t compromise much on that front; players who want access to dungeons or endgame, will need to engage in the story. But since the story is the driving force behind the entire game, rather than an afterthought, things feel different.

Now I’m with Liore in that there’s still some “goofy MMO writing” and delivery going on at times, the cutscenes sure can get tedious while your character is silently nodding along. But I’m impressed at the different issues the story has touched on thus far – from immigration poverty and class warfare to interracial politics (and racism) and even environmentalism. That’s just to name a few themes. Down the line, you realize how you’re being pulled into twisted intrigues and machinations by multiple players on a chess board Game of Thrones-style, while SE take full opportunity to send players all over the world (including so-called old zones and dungeons) to chase their story’s tail, simultaneously serving the social engineering of the game. For an MMORPG, that is one noteworthy use of narrative.

Joining a band of brothers of sorts, the player soon establishes a steady home-base to return to in between missions and before long, gets attached to the NPCs that share the story with him. It’s safe to say that not many an eye was left dry at the conclusion of ARR before the expansion.

The Heavensward Trailer and The Adventurer

The official launch trailer for Heavensward is another example of storytelling done right. Instead of the usual showcase of random locations and encounters without obvious connection, the trailer takes over from the moment your character finished his/her main story. The Adventurer, an unnamed character who represents the player in FFXIV is back, while the ending of the Seventh Astral Era as well as some future events flicker over the screen. The trailer concludes with the player arriving in Ishgard, which is where your journey in Heavensward begins. Talk about trailers bridging content.

In Conclusion

While I am praising FFXIV’s storytelling here, that doesn’t mean its delivery isn’t without issues. As mentioned above, the cutscenes and loading screens can get too long and it’s a bit of a tragedy that SE didn’t invest in more voice acting for Heavensward. For your daily grind, uninspired fetch&delivery quests are a dime a dozen. When it comes to the main storyline however, ARR has achieved greatness by virtue of omitting branches and player agency. This might present a bit of a downer for some players but in my personal experience, most consequences in MMOs come down to an illusion of choice rather than the real thing anyway.

If there is one advice I would dare give to game developers in charge of big franchises, it would be to play to their strengths and also, not to fix what ain’t broken (okay, that was two pieces of advice). You can mix up some things and you should definitely improve on your weaknesses, ARR is a prime example of that – however, it is a mistake to abandon franchise-defining elements and to throw your greatest virtues overboard for the sake of innovation. Too often have we seen over-hyped sequels crash and burn because they strayed too far from the established path, rather than to widen it just a little. FFXIV has conserved its JRPG traditions and legacy masterfully and for the most part, with little compromise. Storytelling is this developer’s strong suit and they have had the good sense to embrace that.

Ironically, other developers never overcome their struggle with the fourth pillar in MMOs: how to include the player while not making him the center of attention? How to manage that balance of player agency and choices versus narrative chaos and insignificance? Square-Enix’ answer to that would be, not to go there at all. Better to have a solid, engaging and linear story the way it’s told in a book or movie, than to fail epically with the best of intentions. I can’t help but agree with them on that one. The proof is in the pudding.


This last week may well have been the weirdest in 2013 MMO news: EQNext surprised (me) with its cartoony graphics, Wildstar announced a 2014 launch and not-so-hybrid sub-PLEX model and today, The Elder Scrolls Online is officially on board with the olde subscription model, too.

So there we have it. 2014 is officially loaded on AAA-MMORPG goodness. What a springtime that will be, it’s fair to say I shall be planning a vacation. While WS just got completely uninteresting to me on account of both its recent announcements, I will be playing both EQN and TESO, hoping they won’t launch too closely together. Assuming SOE stick with their free-to-play intentions, that seems like a fair undertaking. As for the two sub-based MMOs; bets are open which one will convert to f2p sooner (as this seems to be a fast growing trend) and how they will fare competition-wise. The “race” is on and it’s safe to say the MMO blogosphere is going nowhere – sharpen your pens, comrades!


It’s the new old latest achievement: global servers and they all have them – The Elder Scrolls Online, Everquest Next, Shroud of the Avatar. Or so it is said. One of the biggest, if not the biggest item on my personal MMO wishlist right now, is global servers across regions so I can play with fellow bloggers and friends no matter what side of the Atlantic. In these modern times of online gaming and communities, nothing feels more overdue than the removal of one of the last barriers in gaming: regional servers.

Who has them truly? While everyone (minus Carbine who need to make everything complicated) is speaking of smart mega-servers pairing friends via friendlist features or other mechanics, it doesn’t seem like global MMO servers, as in global global (not regionally global) will see the light of day anytime soon. I’m no expert on state of the art world servers and cloud technology, so I can’t judge how much of the old “ping issues” argument rings true in 2013. I’ve played on both Japanese and American servers before and it was never an issue but that’s not to say that what works for few (willingly sleep-deprived) individuals, would work with everybody on board.

All is not lost though; like GW2 and FFXIV, TESO will feature free server choice no matter your game version. The folks over at the official @TESOnline twitter account were so kind as to actually shed light on this matter and clarify the question for me and others –

It’s a start and who knows, maybe one day at least guesting features will become cross-regional in MMOs. For my part, this means rolling my future main character(s) on NA, or both NA and EU if such should be possible, to be able to join many of my blogging friends out there. I really look forward to explore Tamriel in some proper company although I won’t likely be around much for prime time. Ah well.

At this point I’d also like to whine a little bit in public (who knows who’s listening!) for still not having received my TESO beta key – surely something went wrong there?? Pfft.

Two more things before the weekend

Before we’re all off to our weekly panem and circenses, two more tidbits from the world of bleeps and blurbs for all the resistant non-twitterers out there:

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– Handwriting memes are fun and everyone should do them (yeah yeah, life/world whatever)! Happy weekend global blogosphere!